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By Declaring State-Mourning over the Death of Queen Elizabeth II, Hasina Government exposed its True Loyalty for the British and betrayed the Blood and Sacrifices of the People who struggled for the liberation from British Colonialism

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

By Declaring State-Mourning over the Death of Queen Elizabeth II, Hasina Government exposed its True Loyalty for the British and betrayed the Blood and Sacrifices of the People who struggled for the liberation from British Colonialism

Hasina government announced three-day national mourning over the death of British Queen Elizabeth II. National flag would be kept at half-mast at all government, semi-government and autonomous organizations, educational institutions, non-government buildings, and Bangladesh missions abroad, according to a notification issued by the Cabinet Division. Also, special prayers would be arranged for ‘seeking the salvation’ of the departed soul of the Queen, the notification said! Hasina also decided to visit UK to pay her tribute towards the Queen. While we still commemorate the atrocities of British colonialism in the Muslim lands, Sheikh Hasina did not hesitate to display her true loyalty to colonialist Britain and its blood-thirsty monarch with such an announcement, even going against the sentiment of the people. This is also a betrayal against the people of the Indian subcontinent who struggled for liberation from oppressive British ruling and sacrificed their blood against British colonialism.

O People, you know, the British Empire had abolished the shield of the Ummah – the glorified Khilafah (Caliphate) -behind which we were protected from the enemies in 1924 with the collaboration of traitor, secular Mustofah Kamal. They removed the ruling system of Islam that was left for us by our beloved Rasul ﷺ and imposed the Kufr ruling system along with their abhorrent lifestyle. Since then they had massacred our people, looted our wealth, and brought immense misery upon us with their barbarity. After destroying the Khilafah, they divided our lands based on artificial nationalistic borders so that this Ummah can never reunite as a mighty single state and go against their imperial interests. They craftily fueled sectarianism within the Muslim lands and dragged us into sectarianized wars to bleed to death. Secular Hasina is as like as the British dog-Mustafah Kamal, who is working day and night to maintain British colonialism in our land and to prevent the emergence of Caliphate. By declaring State-Mourning over the Death of Queen Elizabeth II and holding ‘special prayers’ for the Queen who was the symbol of Colonialism, Hasina regime wants us to forget her master’s 200 years of criminal history in this subcontinent that started with their winning in the Battle of Plassey (Palashi) in 1757 through treachery and deception.

O People, after the Second World War, Britain said forced to give up colonialism in name, but still maintains neo-colonialism in our lands through the servant rulers; Hasina regime’s state-mourning for the Queen is a testament to this fact. That is why we see, these servants never miss any chance to show loyalty to their Kafir colonial masters even if that requires going against the thoughts and emotions of their own people. The fact is, Queen Elizabeth II came onto the throne in 1952, right after the British Empire left the Indian subcontinent in 1947. Since then Elizabeth looked after their domesticated pets of the subcontinent such as Pakistan’s Jinnah, India’s Neheru, and Bangladesh’s Sheikh Mujib on behalf of her Empire. Keeping her predecessor’s legacy alive, Hasina is also protecting here the interests of the British, the way a faithful pet protects her master’s home. Thus, Hasina did not care that mourning for her ‘guardian’ (Queen Elizabeth II) would be an ultimate insult to the Ummah. Because she never failed to rub salts on the wound of the Muslims.  Elizabeth personally awarded former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, a war criminal in the US-led war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the most senior order of knighthood. She also honored the cursed Salman Rushdie with Knighthood back in 2007 to support his insult to our beloved Rasul ﷺ. Indeed, Queen Elizabeth and the British Monarch are the symbol of colonialism that the post-colonial British government wants to keep alive to flaunt their pride. And by supporting this monarch and denoting the Queen as her ‘true guardian’ (in the condolence letter), Hasina has shamelessly supported the dark history of her British master.

O Muslims, every death is a lesson for us; from the death of Queen Elizabeth II we learned that the secular rulers of our land still carry on the colonial legacy, and the so-called independence is nothing but an elusive idea to deceive us. The British Empire physically left our land but they still play with our political and economic fate. Secularists take the Queen’s death as the fallen symbolic figure of unity and loyalty but Muslims who can link themselves with the rules and spirit of Islam, the Queen’s death and the way secular rulers observed mourning reminded them that they still live under the shade of colonial dark cloud. We need to get rid of this dark shadow and be liberated from the clutches of the rulers and politicians of colonial West by engaging in the struggle for the re-establishment of the second Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) led by the sincere leadership of Hizb ut Tahrir. Only then we can really be emancipated from colonial legacy and bring back the glorious history of the Ummah back on this earth. This Ummah is longing for to live under the shade of Khilafah who is our protector and our symbol of unity. RasulAllah ﷺ said,

>السلطان ظل الله في الأرض<

“The sultan (caliph) is a shield of Allah on earth” (Baihaki)

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