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Continuous Deadly Blasts and Fires are the Failures of the Secular System as it always keeps the Head of State safe from taking the Responsibility of these Incidences and the People

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Continuous Deadly Blasts and Fires are the Failures of the Secular System as it always keeps the Head of State safe from taking the Responsibility of these Incidences and the People

Bangladesh is seeing a series of deadly fire incidents one after another in the last several years that are leaving many people dead and wounded. The current blow saw three blasts in a row in just four days. The latest of which took place on 7th March in a commercial cum residential building near the city center in Gulistan taking the lives of at least 23 and injuring many others and still counting. People are yet to come out from the trauma of “Sitakunda Blast”, “Nimtoli Tragedy” and “Gulshan Fire”. It is well established that unplanned and poor infrastructures are the main reasons for the incidences that causes high number of deaths, injuries and destruction of property and wealth.   And the absence of essential arrangements to combat fire hazards always escalate the gravity of the incidence. No incidence has seen progress in terms of investigation and trials, let alone the due compensations for the victims.

 Whenever an incidence occurs the intellectuals of our society always delve too deeply into the cause, effects and technicalities of the incidence rather than focusing on the responsibility of the Head of the Government who is ultimately responsible for the peoples’ affairs, because she is the authority who assign the ministers and ministers subsequently assign government officials to look after the affairs of the people. It is a matter of great regret that the politicians and the intellectuals always exonerate Hasina, the Head of the Government, from her responsibilities for the accidents. Instead of holding her tightly to bring into trial, they sanctify her as ‘Honorable Prime Minister’. She also cleverly avoids responsibility by chasing shadows of ‘terrorist sabotage’. Besides government apathy on people’s affairs, the perpetrators of the incidents also enjoy indemnity if they are connected with the regime.

In fact, in secular system the rulers are sovereign and both the legislations and authority lie in the hands of the same people. Hence, the rulers always keep themselves above accountability by making law. Moreover, as responsibility is not fixed and well defined in secular system, the intellectuals can also maneuver their discussions to save government from accountability by hiding its inability and failure. Allah (swt) says *لَمْ يَكَدْ يَرَاهَا وَمَنْ لَمْ يَجْعَلِ اللَّهُ لَهُ نُورًا فَمَا لَهُ مِنْ نُورٍ* “And he for whom Allah has not appointed light, for him there is no light.” [An-Nur: 40]

O People! Unlike secular system, there is no room for immunity of the rulers in the Khilafah. In case of any tragedy, the Khalifah (Caliph) will be held primarily responsible for it. Ummah will hold him accountable as what measures he took for prevention and how quickly he ensured due compensation to the victims. Abdullah ibn Umar reported: RasulAllah ﷺ, said, “Every one of you is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock. The leader of people is a guardian and is responsible for his subjects” [Bukhari, Muslim]. So, it will be the Khalifah who will do all the cause-and-effect analyses and deal with technical studies related to any tragic event. He will not let the society be busy with intellectual discussions and enjoy immunity in relation to his responsibilities. Because in Islam, there is no scope to hold others to account instead of the Khalifah. The role of the ruling positions in Islam strictly demands highest degrees of strength. Muslim narrated from Abu Dharr who said: “I said: O Messenger of Allah (ﷺ), will you not appoint me as a governor/ruler? He struck my shoulder with his hand then said: O Abu Dhar, you are weak and it is a trust (amanah). On the Day of Judgement it will be a disgrace and regret except for the one who took it by its right and fulfilled his duty in it.” So, any inability of the ruler to carry out his responsibility will have him dismissed from his position automatically by “Mazalim Court” (Court of Unjust Acts). Finally, we call upon all sincere politicians and intellectuals in particular and the people in general to uproot the secular system from the society and bring back “Khilafah Rashidah” (rightly-guided Caliphate) on the method of Prophethood under the leadership of Hizb-ut-Tahrir. Allah SWT says,

*إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ لَا يُغَيِّرُ مَا بِقَوْمٍ حَتَّىٰ يُغَيِّرُوا۟ مَا بِأَنفُسِهِمْ ۗ*

“Allah does not change the circumstances of any people until he has change what is within themselves”

[Sura Ar-R’ad:11].


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