Commemorating 28th Rajab: the Destruction of the Khilafah (Caliphate) as part of a global campaign, Hizb ut Tahrir, Wilayah Bangladesh, today (13th April, 2018, Friday) as per its previous declaration successfully organized the marches from various important mosques of Dhaka and Chittagong for the demand of the re-establishment of Khilafah Rashidah. After Jummah prayer, with the participation of the activists and supporters of the party and the general people of the community, the marches started from various mosques and then moved toward important roads of Dhaka and Chittagong such as: Shapla Chattar of Motijil, Ittefaq Mor, Dhanmondi 27, Jasimuddin of Uttara, Hazi camp of Airport Railway Station, Rokeya Soroni of Mirpur, New Market of Chittagong, etc., and then peacefully finished the marches. Participants in the marches raised the Shahadah flags high and chanted slogans: “Ummah is Revived - Khilafah is emerging”, “For the demand of Khilafah - come down to the street”, “Woe to democracy - Victory to the people”, “Food, Clothing and Shelter-Khilafah is the Answer”, “Our only wayout - Khilafah Khilafah”.



On March 21, 2018, the Hasina government has formally announced Bangladesh’s eligibility to be recognized as a “developing nation” by the Committee for Development Policy (CDP) of United Nations, and also organized massive showdown on the streets to celebrate the announcement, as well as, to bring the “election mood” before the next general polls. Amid the colorful processions for this “historic accomplishment” (!) of the government, the mass people are struggling hard to identify themselves with this so-called achievement by the government since the reality is that an estimated 63 million (38%) people of Bangladesh still live under the poverty line of which almost a third live in extreme poverty.
Today, (Tuesday, 12 December, 2017) at 11am Hizbut-Tahrir, Wilayah Bangladesh organized a march towards the American Embassy in Dhaka (MarkinDutabashGharao) to protest against the formal recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Zionist Israel by Crusader America. Around half a thousand protesters attended in this march. They started their march from Guslhan 2 circle and raised high the Shahadah flags. After that, in an eye catching display of the highest level of love for the blessed land of Al-Quds they advanced towards Madani Avenue, the location of the US embassy, chanting Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar; La ilahaillallahuMuhammadurRasulAllah; Death to America; No to American presence in Bangladesh, Liberate Jerusalem, Establish the Khilafah etc. After reaching near US embassy they burnt the US and Israel’s flags and express their rage, and finished their program in a non-violent way. Hizb-ut-Tahrir, Wilayah Bangladesh organized this activity from its sense of responsibility towards Jerusalem, which is the land of Isra and Mi’raj, the first Qibla of the Muslims, and where the third of the three mosques that Muslims travel to;as,Hizb-ut-Tahrir is the sincere and aware leadership of the Ummah that represents and expresses the thoughts and feelings of the Ummah.

Yet another wave of wholesale and systematic plundering of people’s properties and resources by the powerful ruling elites of Awami League (AL) has left the country rattled and agitated.  Several mega scams have hit Bangladesh hard in a week. First we heard about 963 kilograms of gold kept in Bangladesh Bank’s vault that were turned into mixed metals; then, another scam in Janata Bank of Tk 51.3 billion came to fore, and finally the mysterious disappearance of 1.45 lakh tonnes of coal (worth over BDT. 227 crore) from the yard of Barapukuria Coal Mining Company. Everything from banking system to public administration are now being based on subterfuge.  It is as clear as daylight that a powerful quarter with vested interests are behind this ‘spontaneous looting’ under the auspices of this corrupt government. And now, they are so much into this unceasing looting spree that everything i being done with the lights on, as if there is nothing to hide at all. They are joyfully plundering public wealth with the confidence that they will be well taken care of in due course. Hence, we saw that even after the series of scams by the state-owned banks, the Awami League government kept Tk 2000 crore of taxpayers’ money for bailout of these banks. Likewise, the default loans in the banking sector of Bangladesh now stands at Tk 111,347 crore (as of April 2018), which was only Tk. 35,000 crore in the early 2009. We can expect many more scams in the coming days as because since 2009, only the ruling party associates were being appointed in the banks’ Boards of Directors to institutionalize the looting of the people’s money.

Hizb ut Tahrir, Wilayah Bangladesh, organized Jummah Bayan (speech to the people) outside mosques all over Dhaka city and Chittagong, after Jummah Prayers today (27/07/2018), to expose the real face of democracy, a system of lies, deception and persecution, and for the demand of removing this system. While presenting the disgusting ‘Chanakya Niti’ (policy of deception) of Sheikh Hasina’s regime, the speakers said: seeing the surge in popularity quota reform movement being organized by the job seekers and students of different universities and colleges amid severe police violence, the Awami League (AL) government played the appeasement game by falsely promising to accept their demands. After that, the Hasina regime came up with the wicked idea to suppress the movement so that it cannot be re-organized by using its student wing – the Chatra League acting with brutal force, while, the police abducted and arrested all the key organizers of the movement, which they are still continuing. Indeed these types of lies, deception and persecution are the real policy of the rulers under the democratic system, which people have been witnessing for decades under this democratic system. These rulers get into power by making false promises to the people and achieve sovereign authority. Using this sovereign authority, they serve the vested interest of the Imperialists, a few capitalist elites and themselves, and deprive the greater population from their rights. When the people come to the streets with demand for their rights, these rulers persecute the people with bullets and baton. In the very birthplaces of democracy, i.e. USA, Britain and the European countries, mass protests amongst people and their persecution by the rulers are routine events.

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