The Ruthless Public Killing of Rajon has Once Again Proved that Secular Liberal Values are No Panacea for the Increased Social Evils in Bangladesh

10 August, 2015
On July 8th in the north-eastern district of Bangladesh - Sylhet, a 13-year-old child named Samiul Alam Rajon was beaten brutally to death by a mob for his alleged involvement in stealing a bicycle. Not only did the perpetrators barbarously tortured Rajon till death who suffered more than 60 injuries in the attack, but they also filmed the moments and put the video online. The child was tied to a pole and begging for life while the culprits were laughing and mocking as they carried out the attack. The video went viral on the social media and sparked outrage in Bangladesh and abroad. Initially, police did not pay attention to the incident and when Rajon’s father wanted to lodge complaint against the criminals, he was thrown out from the police station by the duty officer.

This is not an incident of isolated random savagery, but rather a part of rising general tendency in Bangladesh towards violent crime. The heartbreaking case of Rajon reflects that the society has lost the compassion and kindness for even the innocent children. Not only with the helpless children, but horrible things are also happening rampantly with our women domestically and in broad day light as well. Such incidents are not shocking new revelation for us as we are already accustomed to seeing innocent people publically slashed with machetes by the secular political activists. Every day the local newspapers are filled with the coverage of daylight murder, acid attacks, rape and sexual assault on women. A culture of fear is now the norm that pervades our hedonistic society.

We should mention that the sadistic public killing of the poor child Rajon has also exposed the deplorable intellectual hollowness of the “founding principles” of our society and the unsound nature of liberal democracy. The momentous question that should be addressed to bring a permanent end to all kind of savagery is that who should be held accountable for such declining state of morality – only the criminals and perpetrators or the secular intelligentsia also who are being insincere to eliminate social evil for good? It has become very common within the intellectual circles of Bangladesh to discuss only about the symptoms and outcome of the problems with a deliberate mindset of avoiding dialogues on finding the root cause of degrading social values. After Rajon’s incident, some common grounds have been identified by the renowned academics, scholars and criminal scientists that the growing psychopathic tendencies and the culture of injustice as the causes of such evil, whereas any rational mind can understand that these are not ‘causes’ but ‘outcome’ of the problems. When people get rid of the Islamic ruling system and give free rein to human mind to regulate a society, man-made oppression has to be the inevitability where in actuality all the nice words of freedom and justice take their spaces in the books only. Our secular pseudo-intellectuals, who are disconnected from the mass, are very well aware of this factual truth and thus consciously trying to safeguard this failing system of democracy – the root cause of all evil – by diverting peoples’ attention from the real problem. Had the so-called ‘Democratic rule of law’ been the solution for such crisis, we would not observe more than 3 million reports of child abuse made every year in the birth place of modern democracy i.e. America. Over the past 14 years, more than 20,000 American children are believed to have been killed in their own homes by family members, that is nearly four times the number of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. If secular liberal values are the only effective panacea for social evil of oppression and violence as always put forward by the pro-Washington sell-out intellectuals, then America would not have been the land of more than 12 million ruthless sociopaths.

Therefore, a fresh vision is the need of the time now that can stop this dangerous erosion of human values. All the national and international statistics and social research highlight that secular democracy has massively failed to secure the honor of women and innocence of children. Mass people of Bangladesh have already been aware that the absence of the Shari’ah law (which has been forcefully replaced with secular law by the west) is the root cause of all social evil. Even the notorious orientalists had never been able to tarnish the 1300 years of the history of Khilafah with any account of abuse and assault on women and children. Hence, we need to break this status-quo by bringing about the long-desired second righteous Khilafah under the sincere and effective leadership of Hizb ut Tahrir.


Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Imadul Amin
Member of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir, Wilayah Bangladesh

20 Shawal, 1436
05 August, 2015