O People! This Regime and its Ruling System have failed to deal with the Crisis in People’s Lives and Livelihooddue to Covid-19 Why do we need this Regime and Ruling System?

15 August, 2020
- 6 months have passed, why still have the government failed to provide adequate oxygen, ventilators and ICU facilities for the district, sub-district and union level hospitals?
- For the doctors working in the hospitals, why they failed to provide PPE, medical equipment and medicines?
- Why have they failed to provide sufficient testing kits for isolating the Covid-19 patients and to provide them necessary treatments?
- Why are other patients not affected by Covid-19 dying from lack of treatment in the hospitals?
- Instead of quarantining the COVID-19 patients, why are they putting blanket lockdown on all people and blocking the livelihood of the healthy and destroying the country’s economy?

O People!This current capitalist regime have forsaken you and are serving the interest of a few capitalist elites; they have taken over the best hospitals for the treatment of the VIPs, and are looting the money allocated for the health sector. By blindly following the Western Capitalist States, they have put lockdown across the country, instead of quarantining only the Covid-19 patients, and have destroyed your lives and livelihood and the country’s economy.

O People!The Article-164 of the draft constitution of the Khilafah (Caliphate) State published by HizbutTahrir, states: “The State provides free health care for all, but it does not prevent using private medical care or the sale of medicine”. The imminent Khilafah State will quickly reform the current fragile health care system as needed. In one hand, infected patients will be quickly identified through testing to isolate them and to provide free medical care and ensure their livelihood, and on the other hand by keeping the economy running, healthy peoplewill be allowed to earn their livelihood. The Islamic policy regarding an infectious disease like Covid-19 is: “quarantine the disease, not the people”. As part of precautionary measures, the Khilafah can operate massive disinfecting activities in the mosque and other public areas along with supplying adequate amount of masks and protective equipment, also motivating people to use them. So, without delay raise your voice for one demand:
“Need of the time is the Khilafah State”

RasulAllah (saw) said,
“Indeed Imam (Khaleefah) is the guardian and he is responsible for his subject.” [SahihBukhari].

Wilayah Bangladesh
04 Dhu’l-Qi’dah, 1441 AH                                                                                                                             
25th June, 2020