O Muslims, Sheikh Hasina is selling out our Country to serve India!

19 October, 2019
O Muslims, Sheikh Hasina is selling out our Country to serve India!

The Imminent Khilafah Rashidah will bring this Traitorous Regime to Justice and soon bring India under Her Authority


  • Each day Hasina is reaching ‘new heights’ of betrayal. The name ‘Hasina’ is now synonymous with betrayal and her actions have already become the ‘epitome’ of treachery against you.
  • To prove her loyalty to India, Hasina has signed numerous deals against the interest of this country –allowing India to: install maritime surveillance radar system in Bangladesh along the coast Bay of Bengal, gain control over our ports at Chittagong and Mongla, withdraw 1.82 cusec of water from our Feni River, and in spite of our acute gas crisis, import bulk liquefied petroleum gas from Bangladesh. These are just a few examples of her treachery against this nation and its people.
  • Is it not natural for secular rulers like Hasina! Because, the objectives of their politics are to serve the interests of Kafir-Mushrikimperialists, to loot the nation’s wealth, and to secure the throne for their descendants according to the choice of their imperialist masters.
  • To achieve these goals, tyrants like Hasina oppress and repress the people, where every awakened voice is brutally suppressed - we saw a burning example of this brutality in the torture cell of BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) where Hasina’s thugs in Chatro League (student wing of the ruling party) ruthlessly killed AbrarFahad, one of the brave sons of this Ummah for protesting India’s aggression.

Demand from the Sincere Officers in the Military to remove this Traitorous Hasina Regime and to give Nusrah (Material Support) to HizbutTahrir to reestablish the Khilafah Rasidah


The imminent Khilafah State will:

  • Bring this traitorous regime to justice for all their crimes
  • Annul all treaties with the Imperialist Kafir-Mushriks, because all such treaties are Haram according to Islam
  • Annul all treaties related to our strategic resources and establish the Ummah’s authority over these,  and use these resources to become established as a leading state in the world
  • Bring India under her authority, and will force India to remove Farakka Dam, Teesta Barrage, along with all other dams
“An army of yours will invade India and Allah will grant its conquest to them, until they bring their kings in chains, and Allah will forgive them their sins…”
[Kitab al-Fitan]


12 Safar, 1441 AH
11 October, 2019 CE
Wilayah Bangladesh