Muslims in Bangladesh have never knowingly accepted Kufr Secularism and never will they ever - rather the Secular Rulers have always exploited the People’s Islamic Emotions either attainmaintain Power

07 December, 2020
Press Release
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Muslims in Bangladesh have never knowingly accepted Kufr Secularism and never will they ever - rather the Secular Rulers have always exploited the People’s Islamic Emotions either attainmaintain Power


As the clash between the Muslims and the Kafir secular worlds is at its peak now, and the ‘myth of secularism’ is also quickly falling apart in the European countries and even in the birth place of secularism (France), Hasina government has also become frantic to see the failure of secularism in Bangladesh. In recent times, Sheikh Hasina and her ministers and advisors have spared no effort to prove that Muslims in Bangladesh have accepted secularism since 1971. Following ShekhHasina’s pledge to protect and implement the policies of her father ShekhMujib to build a secular Bangladesh, her son and advisor SajeebWazed Joy, while announcing the ‘Joy Bangla Youth Award’ from the US, has also reiterated that the people of Bangladesh cannot afford to disregard its founding principle of secularism! These desperate remarks by Hasina and her ministers and advisors are mainly due to the false aspiration to see secularism thriving in this land of the Muslims. But the fact of the matter is that Muslims here have never accepted secularism knowingly, nor have they ever dreamed to have a secular Bangladesh, rather the rulers have repeatedly deceived the people by exploitingthe Islamic emotions of the people and hiding their secular faces.

When the people of Bangladesh wanted to be free from the oppression of the tyrant of that time, the so-called liberators of Bangladesh - the Western agent intellectuals and politicians - deceitfully imposed on them a secular constitution, which the people never knowingly approved. Rather,the people collectively breathed a sigh of relief when they were freed from the oppression of the secular Awami-Baksal ruling.  However, all the successive regimes and secular politicians have deceitfully hidden their true nature and displayed fake piety to exploit the Muslims’ aspiration and emotions when they needed their support. BNP’s founder ZiaurRahman, after coming to power, inserted ‘Bismillah’ in the Kufr constitution to hide his secular face, Ershadin his attempt to hold on to power in 1988, declared Islam as the “state religion”, Khaleda Zia, when she was Prime Minister, had made it a custom to attend Umrah pilgrimage every Ramadan, and Sheikh Hasina before the first time she came to power in 1996, presented herself as a pious lady by covering her head, and pleaded to the people through her election manifesto that her government would never implement any anti-Islamic laws.  Even the partners of the current government and leaders of the left-leaning political parties in the ruling Awami League-led alliance were no exception. We saw the leftist leader and a minister of the ruling alliance Rashed Khan Menon attending Jummah prayer in BaitulMukarram(Central Mosque) and also going to Hajj along with his colleague another leftist leader HasanulHuqInu in 2014.

In reality, these two-faced rulers are followers of the Kufr belief of secularism, which states that the Sha’riah of Allah (swt) must be excluded from society and state, and belimited to some individual rituals only, and the rulers will enjoy the sovereignty to rule by their whims. They very well know that if their real secular facesare exposed, the people will turn away from them and they will lose the popular support that they need to attain power and authority. So, they have always been deceiving the people with their mask of piety and trying to portray that they have no issues with any “religion”. But in reality, they have always exploited Muslims’ Islamic emotions to only serve themselves and attain power and authority over people so that they can fulfill their own whims and the interests of the Kafir colonialists. But as the current secular regime do not feel the need forpeople’s support to remain in power at this moment we see showing the audacity to make remarks supporting secularism in this land of the Muslims!

O Muslims, it is high time you threw away both the deceitful secularism and the secular rulers who are corrupt and rotten to the core. When the worldwide the conflict between Islam and Kufr is getting intense, these rulers are not hesitating to unmask their true secular identity and show their hatred towards Islam and its political ideology. You know that the secular ideology is a globally failed project. Neither can it ensure justice to the Muslims in the lands of the Kufr and nor can it protect the lives of the non-Muslims in this land of secular Bangladesh. So work hard with the righteous party HizbutTahrir to eradicate this system of Kufr and uproot the deceitful rulersand establish the promised Khilafah Rashidah on the method of Prophethood, which will provide justice for all people, and secure the rights for all her citizens whether Muslims or Non-Muslims (Hindus, Buddhists, Christiansor even the atheists).RasulAllah (saw) said:

“Whoever killed a mu’ahid (a person who is granted the pledge of protection by the muslims) shall not smell the fragrance of paradise though its fragrance can be smelt at the distance of forty years (of traveling).” [Al-Bukhari]


Media Office of HizbutTahrir, Wilayah Bangladesh