India-Bangladesh High Commissioners’ Summit: Another Deceptive Initiative of the Government to Serve the Interests of India

21 November, 2014
India-Bangladesh Foundation and Dhaka University has jointly organized a two-day “1st India-Bangladesh High Commissioners’ Summit 2014” in Dhaka on 14th November, 2014. The summit was conducted as part of strengthening economic and security cooperation between India and Bangladesh. A nine-point “Dhaka Declaration” has been adopted by former high diplomats who served in Dhaka and New Delhi.

In actual fact this summit was a farce, aiming to deceive public opinion. While India is aware of the prevailing massive anti-Indian sentiment among the Bangladeshi people, the lackey Hasina government is busy arranging such kind of gatherings in a bid to shore up the image of its master. It is not unknown to anyone in Bangladesh that India is our worst regional enemy obsessed with smothering Bangladesh economically and politically. However, we observed that the participants in that summit have glorified the bilateral relations between India and Bangladesh as friendly whereas we know that for the last forty-two years it has always been a predator-prey relationship. Since the independence of Bangladesh, Indian Border Security Force (BSF) has killed thousands of unarmed local Bangladeshi villagers with many more incidents of rapes, tortures and cruel imprisonment. Adding to the above, the so-called friendly state India has almost finished installing the longest geopolitical barbwire fencing (3326 kilometers) along the Bangladesh border. The glaring trade disparity between the two countries swelled to a record high (USD 5.6 billion) in the last fiscal year where Bangladeshi export in the Indian market hit rock bottom due to their restrictive import policies. Not only does India inflict severe harm on Bangladeshi economy and mass population, she orchestrated the biggest blow against our defense forces by carrying out the heinous Pilkhana Massacre.

Despite all the above crimes of India, Hasina is keen to entertain the wishes of her master from arranging such deceptive summits to permitting the National Intelligence Agency of India to visit Bangladesh as part of their ongoing conspiracy to subjugate the people of Bangladesh. We all know the primary reason for such security collaboration with Indian agencies is not to tackle ‘militants’, but to suppress the imminent rise of Islam under the cloak of combating terrorism.

Hizb ut Tahrir calls upon the Muslims of Bangladesh to work sincerely for the re-establishment of the rightly guided Khilafah that can only bring end to all sorts of oppressions being committed by this mushrik state and regain India as part of the Islamic land. Thawban reported that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said:
"Two groups of my Ummah Allah has protected from the Hellfire: a group that will conquer India and a group that will be with 'Isa ibnu Maryam" [Ahmad and An-Nisa'i]

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir, Wilayah Bangladesh