Hizb ut Tahrir Organized Protest Meetings against Latif Siddique’s Comments Vilifying RasulAllah (saw) and the Blessed Hajj

19 October, 2014
Press Release
Hizb ut Tahrir Organized Protest Meetings against Latif Siddique’s Comments Vilifying RasulAllah (saw) and the Blessed Hajj
Several protest meetings were organized by Hizb ut Tahrir after Jummah prayers today outside various mosques in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet against the audacious and derogatory comments by the Posts and Telecommunications Minister in Sheikh Hasina’s kufr government, Latif Siddique. Speakers at the meetings said Latif Siddique made his comments knowing that he will go unpunished. Rather he was sure of that; he was fully aware that he will not be arrested and punished by the Hasina government for his crime. This is because hatred and animosity towards Islam is the touchstone of this government which it has sponsored and nurtured from day one. It gave free rein to whoever wanted to attack Islam while at the same time suppressing those who call for Islam. Hasina herself goes around the globe championing her government as the only way to fight the rise of Islam in Bangladesh, which she audaciously labels as “the rise of terrorism.” So how will it be that this very regime will punish this lowly man? On the contrary they are guiding him in his steps in order to protect him from the public’s wrath and facing any punishment while he is arrogantly unrepentant about his comments. Therefore instead of bringing him back to the country and prosecuting him, they are advising him to stay outside the country until further instructions from them.

Oh Muslims!

Only the Khilafah state will punish such evil doers as Latif. We see that Sheikh Hasina promptly arrests and punishes people for “vilifying” herself and her father, whom she calls the father of the nation. This is because that is dear to her. On the other hand she ordered the killing of the Ulema in Shapla Chattar who were demanding punishments for the bloggers who vilified Rasul (saw) and the Deen. Where is the ruler who holds dear to himself what you hold dear? Where is the ruler who loves Allah, His Messenger (saw) and the Deen as you love? This ruler is none other than the Khaleefah who will be prompt in his actions in protecting the honour of Rasul (saw), Islam and the Muslims. It is incumbent upon you to appoint a Khaleefah as your ruler by re-establishing the Khilafah state without any delay in this matter. Otherwise you will protest this time for a while like you did on many previous occasions and no sooner your energy subsides another Latif will raise his ugly head and the matter will continue to be like this or even worse.    

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir, Wilayah Bangladesh