Hizb ut Tahrir Organized a Protest Meeting Today against the Arrest, Remand, Torture and Imprisonment of Two Women Members of the Party

08 September, 2015

Members, activists and supporters of Hizb ut Tahrir gathered in front of the main gate of the Supreme Court today at 12:00pm to protest against the arrest of two women members of the party on Sunday, 30 August (2015), by the Detective Branch (DB) and to demand their immediate release. After their arrests, the shameless DB took the dignified sisters for two days remand on Tuesday, 01 September, during which they were beaten severely; one of the sisters was beaten to the point that she bled from different parts of her body and became senseless. In spite of this the heartless officers of the DB took them to court on Friday, 04 September, instead of a hospital and the judge sent them to jail. Oh Allah! Destroy the hands that are responsible for this cruelty to the sincere Muslim women, hold them accountable for their heinous crime, each one of them oh our Lord and be severe with them

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