Democracy is a Highly Fatal Disease; By Leaving this Disease Untreated, there is No Brighter Future for the Country through ‘Dialogue’ and ‘Fair Elections’

10 February, 2015
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Hizb ut Tahrir organized Public Talks, outside major mosques in Dhaka city after Jummah prayers today, on the on-going political chaos which has turned Bangladesh into a frightening death zone due to the power-mongering and destructive politics of Awami-BNP. Speakers at the talks said the political arena, television talk shows, seminars and roundtable meetings are abuzz with the idea of ‘dialogue’ and ‘fair elections’ as a solution to this political mayhem. In truth, all these propositions address the symptoms of the problem while avoiding the root cause of it. The fact of the matter is that Bangladesh is plagued by ‘Democracy’ – a highly fatal disease for which there is no cure. By leaving this disease untreated, there is no brighter future ahead through ‘dialogue’ and ‘fair elections’ only.