Oh People! Remove this Killer Regime; Undoubtedly the Government of Hasina is Responsible for the Death of four year old Jihad

29 December, 2014
Press Release
Oh People! Remove this Killer Regime; Undoubtedly the Government of Hasina is Responsible for the Death of four year old Jihad

Four year old Jihad fell into a deep well (water pipe) while playing with his friends in Dhaka’s Shahjahanpur Railway Colony on Friday (05-12-2014) afternoon at around 3:30pm. Twenty-Four hours later his dead body was brought out of the well by the local people using local rescue methods. During these 24 hours the nation came to witness and learn about the regime’s failures –

  1. This regime left the mouth of the deep well open without any care for the people and their children who live in the colony. And this is not the only open deep well, drains and potholes; rather they exist in their hundreds across Dhaka and other metropolis in the country. 
  2. This regime did not respond to the demand of the people to close the mouth of the deep well even after a similar incident two days before when another child fell inside the same well but was saved by Allah (swt).
  3. This regime appointed an absolute ignorant, Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, as the State Minister for Home Affairs who completely disregarded the statements of hundreds of people and declared that the locals concocted the story of Jihad falling into the deep well. The police, who work under his jurisdiction, even took Jihad’s father in custody for interrogating him about Jihad’s disappearance! We are not surprised by this; the minister did not go to the scene out of care for Jihad or a sense of responsibility to the people, rather he went to the scene only to see if the child is rescued during his presence so that he can sing praises about his Prime Minister and her government’s “success stories.”      
  4. This regime has not been able to build emergency services that have the means and the training to conduct a rescue operation in a competent and efficient manner. The absolute lack of coordination and disarray was visible for all to see – the people present at the place and those watching on television screens.

Oh People!
You are well aware of the list of the regime’s failures in taking care of your affairs. It is not a list that can be concluded briefly here in one or two pages and this is not necessary. Rather we wish to reiterate for you the solution; the way out of the problem is the ruling system and the rulers who will look after your affairs with sincerity, care and awareness. And that is the Islamic Khilafah, where rulers like Umar bin Khattab feel responsible for an animal tripping and hurting itself on the roads and pathways within the territory of the state and beyond, let alone human beings: “If a goat tripped over and fell on the road in Iraq, I would be afraid that Allah would ask me why you didn’t pave the road for her, Oh Umar.” Until and unless you remove this killer regime and establish the Khilafah there will be no end to the cycles of death and hardship which surround you from all sides. 

Demonstration by Hizb ut Tahrir
Members of Hizb ut Tahrir in Shahjahanpur organized a demonstration after Asr prayers today from Shapla Jame Masjid of Shahjahanpur Railway Colony protesting against the Murder of Jihad by the Regime. Before the event a delegation of the party visited the home of Jihad to offer our condolences to his family members.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir, Wilayah Bangladesh

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