From the Online Economic Conference, Hizb ut Tahrir’s Address to the Nation: Join the Movement to remove Tyrant Hasina Regime and re-establish the Khilafah State

05 July, 2019
Press Release
From the Online Economic Conference, Hizb ut Tahrir’s Address to the Nation:
Join the Movement to remove Tyrant Hasina Regime and re-establish the Khilafah State
Sheikh Hasina’s So-called Development Policies are Deceitful and Destructive, while the Imminent Khilafah State will become a Leading Economy

Hizb ut Tahrir, Wilayah Bangladesh today (Friday, 5th July 2019) at 3:30pm successfully organized the Online Economic Conference entitled “Economic Vision of the Islamic Khilafah”, despite various obstacles put by the government. The conference was broadcast internationally by Al Waqiyah internet TV ( The Hasina regime tried to prevent people from viewing the conference by blocking the internet access to Alwaqiyah TV channel in the country, and also slowing down internet service of mobile operators with false pretext, just like they close down public transports when people protest. But these heinous activities of the regime failed to prevent people from participation. People enthusiastically viewed the conference, individually as well as collectively, and pictures attached with this press release clearly attest to that.

In the context of nation’s current political and economic situation, Hizb ut Tahrir announced 7-points political program, which are:

    1.  The Islamic Khilafah must be established as the country’s ruling system; Bangladesh is an Islamic land and the secular rule over the country must never be accepted.
    2.  Establish the unified Khilafah of the Muslim Ummah to become the political and economic leading state in the world must be adopted as the sole political goal of the country.
    3. Reject the so-called development policy of Hasina; this policy is based on oppressive taxation and huge foreign debt and it serves the interests of a few capitalists and the foreign powers. 
    4. Zalim Hasina, the existing political elite and the so-called democratic regime must be removed from power completely, immediately. The current ruling system is a capitalist system derived from the aqeedah (belief) of the kafir colonialists; while keeping this system intact, all movements for bringing the Awami-BNP regimes by turn or for reforming this system must be resisted.
    5. Resist the domination of US-Britain-India over the country’s politics, economy, strategic resources and the military. The people must raise their voice every time any ruler, party or politicians turn to the foreign powers for intervention in any of our internal and external affairs.
    6. Resist the regime’s tyrannical measures to suppress the people’s demand for Islam and Islamic rule. And participate in the political-intellectual work under the leadership of Hizb ut Tahrir and become members in the party to intensify the public opinion for Khilafah.
    7. Demand from the sincere, aware and courageous military officers to remove the regime and transfer the authority to Hizb ut Tahrir.
Prior to the declaration of political program, the first speaker of the conference exposed Sheikh Hasina’s so-called development policies. Describing these projects as against public interest and causing resentment in the people, the speaker said that in the last ten years, the regime has ignored basic infrastructures and needs of people like drinkable water, water logging, worn-out roads and railways, lack of fire-fighting equipment, poor education-health infra-structure, but is investing in these so-called mega-projects. To finance these mega-projects they are imposing exploitative income tax & VAT, increasing the price of electricity and gas, and causing intolerable price hikes. Already, the unnatural expenses and huge corruption of these projects are open secret (for example, ‘pillow corruption’ in Ruppur Nuclear Power Plant, Padma Bridge corruption, etc), and the regime’s crony capitalists are looting money and laundering that aboard.

The speaker while presenting the real motive of these projects also said that the Hasina regime is burdening the nation in various local and foreign loans. The current per capita loan is Taka 67,000, and in this year’s budget Taka 600 billion is allocated for just paying the interests of these loans, an amount which used to be the total budget in the near past. On the other hand, as these projects are based on foreign loan, the kafir Imperialists are using these as tools to take control of our economy and politics, and the country’s sovereignty is under threat. The ultimate result of foreign loan-based projects like Hambantota Port project of Sri-Lanka, Gwadar Port of Pakistan, and the situation of the African nations are known to all. Besides, the Hasina regime, in the name of production and sharing contract (PSC), special economic zone, transits, etc are allowing the kafir imperialists USA-Britain-India to dominate the country’s industry and trade, natural resources and strategic resources.

Afterwards, the second speaker of the conference, before presenting the economic vision of the imminent Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) said: the so-called development policies that Sheikh Hasina boasts of actually highlight the failure of the decades of Awami-BNP rule. Under Islam much more development could have been achieved by utilizing our capacity and resources. We are not asking people to dream of a middle income country like Hasina does, but rather we are giving the vision of becoming a leading nation which will lead the world politically and economically, insh’Allah. The Khilafah Rashidah will:

    -    Ensure the basic rights of every citizen regardless of their religion and race, and vastly improve the living standard of the people;
    -    Put an end to the exploitative income tax and VAT system; huge revenue will be earned from public property like oil and gas, Kharaj and Ushr, and the income of people will not be unjustly taxed;
    -    Remove the control of local and foreign companies on the nation’s natural and energy resources along with the strategic resources and use those in the welfare of people and building the nation’s overall infrastructure, industries and producing electricity cheaply;
    -    Build war-based industry; this industry will generate huge employments for youths, and will be the basis for other industries, like car industry, cosmetic industry, etc., under private ownership;
    -    Annul treaties on port, transit, special economic zone, etc., which are in fact tools for kafir Imperialists to influence our economy, and these strategic resources will be operated by the State;
    -    Unify the Muslim lands and utilize the Ummah’s wealth to emerge as a leading economic power on the face of the Earth and liberate mankind from the exploitation of kafir Imperialists.
Before ending the conference, the third speaker, who announced the political program, urged the sincere, aware and brave people, politicians and military officers to respond to the call given by Hizb ut Tahrir. Allah (swt) says:
* يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اسْتَجِيبُوا لِلَّهِ وَلِلرَّسُولِ إِذَا دَعَاكُمْ لِمَا يُحْيِيكُمْ *
O you who have believed, respond to Allah and to the Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life.” [Surah Al-Anfaal: 24]


Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir, Wilayah Bangladesh